Getting A Bigger, Harder & Healthier Penis

ou, like many men, probably wonder how to get a harder ,bigger and healthier penis. In our society there is the belief that a bigger penis is a better penis. Penis size is the measure of manhood. Men who exceed average penis size are seen as more virile, more powerful, and more attractive.If you really wanted to increase the size of your penis, remember: you’re not alone.
How to Make Your Enlarge Penis Naturally ?
#1 – Penis enlargement exercises — What you should know before starting.
Penis enlargement exercises are safe and effective and can add extra inches to the length and thickness of your penis. These are easy to do and much safer when compared to other methods to enlarge your penis. Many men all over the world are using the penis enlargement exercises to achieve the penis size they want and it also increases their self-esteem and confidence. These exercises have gained popularity the last few years due to their safeness and effectiveness.
There are many different penis enlargement exercises out there but some well-known ones are penis milking (or jelqing), kegel exercises, weight hanging, and ballooning.The use of a lubricant is extremely recommended because it prevents skin irritation, blisters and hand fatigue.
Jelqing-Jelqing is a basic technique where you apply a milking motion up and down the shaft. You must use your thumb and forefinger and make a circle with your fingers around the base of your penis. To get better results, use a moderate grip to make sure that the blood flow is restricted properly. If you will keep the pressure on the shaft, then use the hand that is gripping to slide forward on the shaft and force the blood into all tissues.
During jelqing, when your hand gets close to the end of the shaft, the other hand will repeat that same process as before. This is a continuous motion with each stroke of each hand taking about two seconds each. To perform this method correctly, it is advised that you use a lubricant to help the slide happen easier. You can experiment with variations of this exercise – pulling in different directions, grabbing the penis in another way, applying different amounts of pressure etc.
Kegel exercises-Kegel exercises or pelvic floor exercises involves your PC muscle (or the pubococcygeus that runs from your pubic bone up to your coccyx). A good way to tell if you’re using the proper muscle for your Kegel exercises is to stop or slow down your stream of urine when you are using the restroom. When you’re standing up to urinate, pay attention to the muscle you use to stop the flow of urine and concentrate on what that sensation feels like.
You can practice stopping and starting it, or even letting it trickle a bit. If you will try this method for a few days while you urinate, then you will be using the proper muscle for Kegel exercises. During sex, you can try to use this same muscle to stop an orgasm from happening, holding it and starting again after a few seconds.
Ballooning-Ballooning is another way reported to get a bigger erection, length and thickness. This method is used to keep your ejaculation for longer periods of time. The first step with ballooning is learning how to make it last longer. You should be able to hold your orgasm back three to five times while having sex. While your penis is erect, massage the shaft, head, base, groin area, and your scrotum to help the blood flow increase.
When you are able to hold back your orgasm, you will increase the amount of testosterone. During this process, you must hold back your orgasm three to five times and then you can release.
The German’s Technique (‘pull-ups’)-Using the german’s technique you will be able to increase force over time as you get accustomed to doing the exercise. Do this exercise one day; then pause for a day.
  • Sit in an easy-chair and lean back a little.
  • Grab your penis behind the glans (head) between your thumb and bent index finger. Stretch it as far as possible in the direction of your erection.
  • Now squeeze your PC muscles (pulling your penis toward your body; see Kegels) while stretching with your hand (note: you can also tilt your pelvis to increase the pull).
  • Hold at maximum tension for a moment.
  • Next, slowly relax PC muscles, maintaining the pull from your hand, until you have reached the fully stretched position again.
  • Repeat this exercise 20 times.
  • Now do another set of repetitions, increasing resistance so that you can only do 15 repetitions.
Perform every set to the point of total exhaustion of the muscles. Increased resistance is the key, rather than increased number of repetitions. After completing the sets, hold your penis in the starting position and stretch it as far as possible, two times, holding it stretched for a minute each time. After that do a short massage until your penis is soft and relaxed again.
#2–Taking Penis Supplements–Specifically Designed To Work With Penis Exercises
Generally speaking , penis supplements promote penis growth and are often used as a compliment to pumping or stretching regimes. These supplements promote the release of hormones that help the twocorpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum expand. They promote cell expansion and increase blood flow to the penis.
The results are best when these penis enlargement supplements( such as ,minerals,vitamins & proteins) are used in coordination with an exercise regimen. In these cases the shaft of the penis is stretched manually, supplements stimulate the expansion of the three penile chambers, and blood is forced into the ready penis. This is the ideal situation for penis enlargement, both in terms of length and girth.
Things to Remember About How to Make Your Penis Bigger – Never over stretch your penis! This may give you a dong that is bigger than average penis size, but it may leave your penis non-functional, which defeats the purpose of having a bigger penis!
It Takes Time! Unless you are getting surgery (which is not recommended) it will take time for you to see results.
Be patient. Keeping your penis healthy is the key to gaining a bigger penis! Because the secret of how to make your penis bigger is keeping yourself healthy with good blood circulation and lots of energy.
Penis Enlargement Program-Penis Enlargement Exercise Program makes penis enlargement fast and efficient by giving you full information on techniques, efficiently timing exercises and giving you the enthusiasm to persist in achieving your goal.
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The Best Way To Do Male Enhancement Exercises

In several couple's life you will find a lot of individuals who are having downside in their sexual life. Every man has their really own physique structure but when their penis size may possibly be especially tiny then it impacts their sexual life and they can not satisfy their accomplice's requirements and happiness.

Quite a few males have the modest penis size and so they get a number of issues that have an effect on their sexual life so when they're having the tiny penis it is extremely easier in these days to reinforce them.

So folks who have this completely various penis size downside can have several distinct treatments just like the workouts that assist to extend your penis dimension and it'll make you happy together with your sexual life. Some women don't get glad with having relationship with the little penis size. So when you've these sorts of issues they'll have to resolve these difficulties.

You will find about four male enhancers that is being introduced and applied by males who aren't satisfied with their size. Male enhancement for instance Natural male enhancement pills, sexual enhancement patches, penis enhancement exercises, and penis enlargement surgery are the recognized enhancements inside the male enhancement review read by males across the globe. Of the four major male enhancements, surgery is the most high-priced.

On the other hand, the most effective male enhancement pill depends on the user itself simply because every has its own reaction to the body. In deciding which male enhancement process works most effective for you, it really is imperative that you take a look at the facts readily available before you determine.

Natural male enhancement supplements came from the combination of several herbal goods discovered all over the world. What is does is help boost the blood flow inside the male organ and testicles. Once taken, the herbal ingredients will force the corpora cavernosa (it is the one responsible in creating an erection) to create an erection to produce a stronger sex drive inside the male organ. Now, how are you going to establish, which among the male enhancement pills readily available is the very best male enhancement pill?
Aside from reading facts and recommendation, you yourself need to make your own examination prior to you make a choice.

Diverse manufacturers have introduced many different natural male enhancement pills within the market. Most came from comparable and also the exact same ingredients, which vary from the number of herbal contents plus the process, and of course the manufacturers' origin. There is no guarantee that on works ideal over the other because particular individuals have certain reactions towards medication or any supplement for that matter. Any one making use of male enhancement should know which works for him finest. Nevertheless, if you are new to the process, it is possible to take caution by looking at the labels and ingredients written. Some factors to contemplate are the side effects mentioned and the prices of there male enhancement supplements.

Whenever you are deciding what supplement to acquire, check out the composition of the pill.
The herbal component, the chemicals added, side effects and the prohibition for individuals with certain conditions, and of course, the frequency of use allowed. The price must also be perfect and not too low cost or expensive. Male enhancement really should supply only the major thing it is made for. If you will find other side effects, then discover other supplement that works best for you. Take a look at the male enhancement review and see, which among these mentioned male enhancement approach have the highest patron.

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Do Male Enhancement Exercises Really Work?

Male enhancement exercises have been used since centuries. Ancient men who lived in a high state of physical exposure were quite concerned about the size of their penis, which was more of an indicator of social status than it is today, if at all. That was one of the reasons why male enhancement was so important in almost all of the cultures around the world in those times and men used everything from herbs to exercise in order to ensure their organs were better than those of their peers.

Looking at the way men in those days relied on male enhancement exercises, it would be all right to think that they really showed positive effects. The longer and wider penises shown in the cave paintings, sculptures and art forms all across the globe are a quiet testimony to the fact that back then men had more enviable organs than today. To a large extent, this could be attributed to the fact that men were more conscious about their penis sizes in those times and did things to enhance their penises.

The truth is that male enhancement exercises work. They work in a very natural way. Most of these exercises target the spongy tissues of the penis directly, the central corpus spongiosum and the corpora cavernosa which flank it, and enable more blood to flow into them. It is because of this reason that the penis becomes bigger when it is aroused as it can accommodate a higher volume of blood into its spongy tissues.

Most male enhancement exercises stimulate the tissues in such a way that they are loosened and if any kinks or narrow areas are present in them, they are opened out.The holding capacity of the penis increases, and this allows more blood to flow into the penis.

Male enhancement exercises were also known to cure several other problems of the male reproductive system. There are records that these exercises were used to cure anatomical problems such as the Peyronies Disease (commonly known as curved penis) and even biological problems such as erectile dysfunction and impotence. Young men were taught male enhancement exercises usually by their fathers to gain better control over their libido and perform better when having sex. However, the basic intention of these exercises had always been to increase the length and girth of the penis, the ultimate object of masculinity as it was considered in those times.

The male enhancement exercises that are used today are mostly variations of these age-old methods themselves. Two of the common male enhancement exercises used today jelquing and milking are direct descendants of old techniques that were practiced by men in different civilizations across the world. However, today it is easier to learn how to practice these exercises because of the Internet. Several videos carrying instructions and practical demonstrations of these exercises can be easily found on the Internet.

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Natural Penis Enlargement Is Totally Possible

While the average penis size can be sufficient for love making.... many men feel that they would like to gain more size on their manhood. Men always want to know that their size downstairs has "plenty to offer". This gives them self assurance, self confidence and self esteem boasts!

Why is this? Well the reason for this is that men feel like they sometimes need to be better equipped downstairs because they feel its "not enough" for love making, when in reality its actually sufficient in size for the purposes of love making! But men don't want to be "sufficient" or "average" when it comes to the size of their penis

Women love a big, thick penis (especially girth) because it creates more friction and increases frequency and power of orgasms. This takes the sexual performance pressure off guys. With a bigger penis, women reach orgasm much faster.

Penis Enlargement Naturally
Penis enlargement naturally is something that most men would kill for. Natural is a key word here, because although there could probably be a pharmaceutical way of penis enlargement if proper research was done, most men have to be careful of what kind of side effects of a pharmaceutical drug that designed to affect the genitals would have.

Penis lengthening and enlargement pills do not only increase the length and thickness of your erections but you will also experience longer lasting and harder erections with most available male enhancement products in the online market today. These products offer you gains in length, thickness, stamina, strength and self confidence. These are qualities that most men are proud to exhibit any day.

Penis Stretchers

These devices come in at the number 1 spot. The stretching units work just like you think they do. They pull the penis out past the normal length and holds it in that position for 10 to 15 minutes or more. As you know, exercise is very good for your blood pressure, and overall health. It is not only necessary to maintain blood vessel health, but also the small blood vessels in the penis. There are several types of penis stretching exercises but their basic principle is the same: stretching the tissues of your penis. Stretching makes cells composing your penis grow increasing the length and girth of your penis.

Its essential to stay with prescribed enlargement session duration and to steer clear from any session increases as this can potentially lead to tissue growth exhaustion, which will mean in total cession or slow down in tissue growth. Gains will definitely not happen faster but rather slow down. The enlargement process should be based on intensity and regularity instead of increased session duration. Author Resource:- The good news is that the natural penis enlargement is possible, so it is not necessary to risk your health trying more serious methods.
Find out how Natural Penis Enlargement Is Possible
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Penis Enhancement Devices To Enlarge Penis

Penis Enhancement Devices

Penis enhancement device is the medically prescribed that is to be worn on penis with the main target of this is to increase the length of male genital part. These types of devices are usually worn for about 6-8 hours a day. The ideal male enhancement devices is certainly a difficult task for most of the men to choose from and to use the best of all so that they can get the desired result as expected by them. There are many devices available for the men. The main advantage of using this type of device is to extend the size of penis in length. The market is comprised of many such devices, but to select the best among them is the most difficult task among all because the men do not want to get any side effect from any product using he will be using.
Most of these devices offer safe and more effective combination as compared to other male enhancement devices. This is the main reason many medical experts conduct different medical studies over different penis to give the proper prescription to the one who really need it. There are many devices which you just need to wore over your penis and you can give a try to all those whether they are comfortable to wear or creating any problem and to check whether it is giving the expected result or not.

There are many different types of products are available in the market and some of them are more costly as compared to others. You need not to worry about the price as because the more costly the product would be the more prominent result it would give as compared to the cheaper one. There are many independent researchers who have done independent studies over these products over different users and the result of this is the positive. All the user have got there penis to get length of about 1-3 inches. The good parts of these products are age is not a factor for these product means at any age the person can give length to its penis.
One thing customer should properly check while purchasing any of this kind of product is that the customer feedback over the company’s website, customers review about the company’s product from different website, and the surety the company claims for the result with the money back guarantee.
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How To Grow Your Penis?

Use both penis exercises and a traction device for the best penis gains

Using this technique I experienced the dual action capacity of both internal AND external penile training, and it helped increased by penis by up to 2 inches in a matter of months.

How? With the support of a penis exercises programme AND a penis extender.
What are penis exercises?

Penis exercises (or jelquing) is a series of penile exercises, which you do with your hands, to enlarge the penis in both length and girth.

Penis exercise programmes work by pushing more blood into your penis and erectile tissue, and as this blood is forced into your penis, it improves blood flow and pushes your penis outwards, causing your penis to become firmer, longer and thicker.

In addition, the penis generally starts to enjoy harder and stronger erections which last longer during sexual intercourse.

By simply using these penis exercises for only 30 minutes a day, you will be amazed at the difference this makes to your general penile health and sex life.

What is a penis extender?

A penis traction device is a medical certified type 1 medical device, which started out as a treatment for peyronies disease (curvature of the penis), micro penis syndrome and people who had a need to improve the strength and health of their penis.
By gently applying the penis traction device along penile shaft, the penis traction device adds a steady traction along the penis and the corpora cavernosa. The corpora cavernosa is the erectile tissue that holds blood during erections and as this is stretched, not only does the penis steadily becomes longer, but the penis is capable of holding more blood, making erection longer and harder.

Many clinical trials have been held using a variety of traction devices, and the results have been very promising, with gains of UP TO 3 inches being possible, and with 2 inch gains being typical.

Why should penis exercises and a penis extender be used together?

Essentially penis exercises, which forces blood into the penis, supplies a internal force to enlarge your penis. Meanwhile the penis traction device, which adds a regular traction, supplies a external force.

By combining the internal and external forces together you give yourself the best possible changes which instantly amplifies your penis enlargement results.
How does using penis exercises and a penis extender together work?

When you use penis enlargement exercises, you force blood into you penis and it grows. Unfortunately you can only force so much blood into your penis, and that’s when your gains will start to slow down.

By simply wearing the penis extender device between your exercise sessions, you will supply a constant traction along your penis which will help the penis to grow and increase the blood capacity of your penis!

Now you can force more blood into your penis and speed your gains up and you will ensure that your penis will achieve stronger orgasms for you and your partner.
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Best Penis Enlargement Method

There is great debate on this subject.

Of course there are the penis pills which all claim to grow your penis from 2-4in just by taking the pills. Many men have tried with varying success. I have read about these pills and while I am skeptical of them making your penis larger, they certain may make your erection stronger.

Some men (for varying reasons) get weak or not so strong erections. When the blood rushes into the penis, it gets erect. If you are used to your penis being a certain size when achieving an erection but never reaching your full erection potential, then you may notice a slight increase by taking these pills. The pills do nothing more than increase the amount of blood flow to the penis by helping to dilate the vessels in the penis. If you were 5" before the pills with a not too strong erection and then started taking the pills, you MIGHT notice an increase greater than your initial 5" because NOW you are getting full erection potential. You following so far?

Penis pumps, another touted miracle enlargement scheme "sucks" extra blood into the penis using a vacuum. Again, some men have tried with varying success. Penis pumps (as I've read) to the untrained user can be dangerous. If you pump too much pressure, you can rupture delicate vessels in the penis thus rendering it pretty much useless. There are penis pumps with pressure gauges to help ensure proper usage.

Hanging weights is another one I've read about. Essentially hanging weights from the penis to help it stretch and thus become longer. There are people who tie this belief to tribes in Africa who have been doing this for centuries. But the men in these tribes (as I've read) have been stretching and hanging things from their penis since young ages - so that when they reach adulthood the penis is pretty long. However, hanging weights from the penis can also be dangerous and help to render the penis useless. I read somewhere that the men in those tribes have increasing difficulty achieving erections.

Then there's jelqing. This is an old technique developed centuries ago to make the penis bigger. You can find more information by doing a simple Google search. But essentially you are squeezing the penis; base to head, to make it fatter and longer. There are men who swear by this method. There are men who (claim) have had MAJOR success with this method. This method too is dangerous and must be done with caution.

Surgery. Take fatty tissue from a donor site and implanting it into the penis. There is also a procedure in which they snip some ligament in order to make the penis look longer. I've read this procedure costs lots of money and you only get about 1/2 inch to an inch - IF THAT!

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